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Marshall MS75 Barrel Spreader 

  • 7.5 cube capacity
  • stainless steel lid ram, opening at 89 degrees
  • Mitas 400/70R20 Tractor Tread Tyres
  • hardened spreading flails and chains for extended life
  • Road lights
  • hydraulic brakes with handbrake
  • latest spec with galvanised chain guard
  • Marshall red
  • Precision steel sprockets (not cast) located to the shafts by a 10 pitch spline
  • The bottom input shaft is mounted by two bearings and the drive sprocket is positioned between them.
  • All bearings are mounted away from the drum limiting potential damage from corrosive slurry
  • A round perfectly balanced main rotor shaft with chains mounted on four sides
  • Integral design chassis has been part of the Marshall spreader for over 30 years (ensures no fatigue that can produce premature cracking of the body)

The MS75 is our most popular rotor-spreader model, combining a reasonable carrying capacity with usability. The 65hp requirement for the towing vehicle means that the majority of tractors are able to handle this model, even on steep ground.

It has a 4mm drum and 6mm ends, which is hugely over engineered for the size of the spreader and therefore drastically improves its lifespan. The chains used in this model are case hardened flail chains with fully-welded heads, not simply held on with a bolt or pin; this significantly reduces wearing of the chains and chain heads. These are mounted on four sides of a perfectly balanced main rotor, to help create a more even spread pattern.