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ATJ8283R Nuffield side light, forward facing. 

This is a reproduction front facing side lamp complete with fixing bracket and cover.   A functional and efficient light that differs from the original in that it doesn't have the illuminated emblem on the side.

If you want to keep your tractor looking original you will prefer our Lucas "King of the Road" Side Light which has the red illuminated emblem on the side of the light.  

Side lights were fitted as an optional extra to Nuffield M3, M4, MV3, PM4 and DM4 tractors and  fitted as standard to Nuffield 3DL, 4DM, 342 and 460 tractors.

Fitted to:

  • Nuffield Universals M3, M4, MV3, PM4, DM4
  • Nuffield Universal Three (3DL), Nuffield Universal Four (4DM)
  • Nuffield 342, 460