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ATJ3035 PIPE.  Fuel tank to fuel bowl filter.

Formed steel fuel pipe with flared fuel pipe nuts.

This pipe fits from the fuel tank to the fuel bowl filter assembly on 4 cylinder Nuffield tractors with the early style bowl filter (NT6024R BOWL FILTER).

High quality formed steel fuel pipe with flared fuel pipe nut. 

Made in the UK.

See item 2 in the illustration.

Fitted to tractors:

  • Nuffield Universal Three (3DL)
    (serial number 4749 onwards) 
  • Nuffield Universal Four (4DM)
    (serial number 12046 onwards)
  • Nuffield 342, 460
  • (up to serial number 52920)

Note: Early 3DL and 4DM tractors had a different fuel tank and this pipe will not fit those tractors,  please contact us if you need more information.

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