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ARJ33 EXHAUST SILENCER.  Nuffield Crimped Silencer.  

This is the crimped silencer fitted to later model Nuffield tractors.

Steel with black enamel finish.

For the original round type exhaust see NT7070 SILENCER.

Fitted to:

  • Nuffield 10/42 & 10/60 (later models)

Optional retrofitment to:

  • Nuffield Universals M3, M4, MV3, PM4, DM4
  • Nuffield Universal 3 (3DL), Universal 4 (4DM)
  • Nuffield 342, 460
  • Nuffield 10/42, 10/60 (some early models)

(Note: For the original round silencer fitted to these earlier Nuffield tractors see part number NT7070 SILENCER).