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6530530M1 CAB AIR FILTER. Cab air filter for the McCormick X4, X5 and X6 tractor range. 

You will use two filters per tractor cab.

See items numbered 1 in the illustration.

Fitted to:

  • McCormick X4 Tier 4/5 Series (2014 – 2022)
    X4.20, X4.25, X4.30, X4.35, X4.40, X4.45, X4.50, X4.55, X4.60, X4.70
  • McCormick X5 Tier 4/5 Series (2014 – )
    X5.20, X5.30, X5.35, X5.40, X5.45, X5.50, X5.55, X5.60, X5.085, X5.100, X5.110, X5.120
  • McCormick X6 Tier 4/5 Series (2018 - )
    X6.35, X6.45, X6.55, X6.125, X6.135

Alternative part number:6516773M2

Other Manufacturer Part Numbers

  • 6516773M2