McCormick 6 Post Cab

Part Number: 414733A1
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McCormick 6 Post Cab fitted to CX and MC models.

Comes complete with -

1x 414886A1 Roof, 1x 284947A2 Back Window, 1x 230009A4 Back Window Handle, 1x 192001A3 LH Opener, 2x 220435A2 Opener Handle, 1x 192002A3 RH Opener, 1x 192003A6 LH Door Glass, 1x 296404A2 LH Door Frame, 1x K303805 LH Door Lock, 1x 185789A2 LH Door Hinge Top, 1x 191206A3 LH Door Hinge Bottom, 2x 245053A2 Door Seal, 1x 192004A5 RH Door Glass, 1x 245300A3 RH Door Frame, 1x K303806 RH Door Lock, 1x 185790A2 RH Door Hinge Top, 1x 191207A3 RH Door Hinge Bottom, 2x 1977416C1 Gas Strut Door, 1x 220441A5 Door Cover, 1x 190034A5 Windscreen, 1x 190030A5 Lower Left Glass and 1x 190029A5 Lower Right Glass.

All of these parts are also available separately. 


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