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NTJ352C SEAT CLADDING.   High quality replacement seat cover kit for Leyland Golden Harvest and Marshall tractors fitted with the Explorer-Sekura Cab.

Refurbish your existing Marshall tractor seat (models up to around 1984) with this cladding kit. 

Kit consists of fitted covers for the seat base and the seat back. 

Simply fit over your existing seat foam and secure with 24 x NTH352F FIXING CLIP and 3 x NTH352T EDGING TRIM.

Material is manufactured for J Charnley & Sons to match the brown and gold style of the original seat and carefully crafted in the UK to fit the seat exactly. 

Fitted to tractors

  • Leyland Harvest Gold 602, 604, 702, 704, 802, 804
  • Marshall 602, 604, 702, 704, 802, 804, 904XL