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ATJ6405 Plunger Cap,  Hydraulic Top Lock Cap.

First introduced for the Nuffield 10/42 and Nuffield 10/60 tractors with Hydraulic units 2000U 12202 onwards and 2500U 14000 onwards.

Then used on Nuffield 3/45, Nuffield 4/65 tractors, all Leyland Middleweight tractors, all Leyland Heavyweight tractors, all Marshall tractors with QM-Cab and some Marshall tractors with Explorer Cab.

Item No.22 on the diagram.

Fitted to:

  • Nuffield 10/42, 10/60, 3/45, 4/65
  • Leyland Middleweight Tractors
  • Leyland Heavyweight Tractors
  • Marshall Tractors

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