ATJ9541 TIPPING TRAILER KIT available from stock @ £55.00 + VAT.  Includes Bracket, Screws, Pipe, Adapter, Coupling, Cover, Washer, Lock Nut.  Fitted as an optional extra to BMC Mini, Nuffield 4/25, Leyland 154, Leyland 184, Leyland 235, Leyland 302, Marshall 302.

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McCormick Tractor Control Cables and Electrical Parts

704143A1 SENSOR. In Stock @ £99.95 McCormick Cab Suspension Position Sensor. Fitted to: McCormick MTX Series B Power - MTX170, MTX135, MTX150, (2002-2007) McCormick MTX Series -  MTX165, MTX185, MTX200, (2002-2007) McCormick MTX Tier 3 Restyle - MTX120, MTX135, MTX145, MTX150,  McCormick TTX Tier 3 - TTX190, TTX210, TTX230 McCormick X7.4 Tier 4i -  X7.440, X7.450, X7.460 McCormick X7.6 Tier 4i - X7.660, X7.670, X7.680 McCormick X70 Series Tier 4 - X70.40, X70.50, X70.60, X70.70, X70.80 McCormick XTX Series - XTX185, XTX200, XTX215 McCormick XTX Tier 3 - XTX145, XTX165, XTX185

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We have added Core Plugs for many tractors and engine models.   Nuffield/BMC engines.  Leyland all models and variations.  Perkins Leyland 245 and MF35-135.  Case/Cummins engine tractors.  David Brown all models with 3, 4 and 6 cylinder engines.  McCormick/Beta power engines 4 and 6 cylinders. Many sizes and types!! Core Plugs, Welch Plug, Core Plug, Frost Plug.  Dish type, Cup type and Screw type.

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BMC Mini Tractor Parts 948cc Diesel

BMC Mini 948cc diesel engine decarbonizing kit always in stock. Price £78.37 Consists of: 1   12A1331 HEAD GASKET 1   12G330 WATER OUTLET ELBOW GASKET 1   GEG401 ROCKER COVER GASKET 1   12A884  MANIFOLD EXHAUST GASKET 1   BTJ2334 EXHAUST ELBOW GASKET 4   12H219 NOZZLE WASHER 4   12H220 ATOMIZER WASHER 8   AEG327 VALVE SEAL  

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Nuffield Tractor Steering and Axle Parts

We are currently busy adding parts to the Axle and Steering section for Nuffield Tractors.

As always . . . what you see on the website is only a fraction of what we have in stock so if you don't see what you need please give us a call or drop us a line. . .. more


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All our Leyland and Marshall Tractor operators handbooks are only £12.95! * * * New, Genuine and Original Handbooks available * * *

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We have excess stock of this Front Fender Kit, part number 714528A1 and so for a limited time we are making them available at the very special price of only £325.00 + VAT !!

Picture shows the kit fitted to tyre size 380/85/24.  It comes complete with Skin but you may require different sized skin depending on your tyre size.  

Easily fitted all McCormick MC Series and MTX Series (up to MTX150).  

McCormick MC Series. McCormick MTX Series up to MTX150.  Case 5120, 5130, 5140, 5150

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Special Offer on Redwood Gates

Winter offer on Redwood farm gates. Variety of sizes available. Limited stocks. 4' - £30.00 6' - £38.00 7' - £42.00 8' - £60.00

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MBU1309 / GEG1241 HEAD GASKET SET. £35.00.  Cylinder Head Gasket Set for Leyland BMC 1800cc Diesel Engine.  Also for Narrowboat / Thornycroft 108 engines, generator sets and Sherpa Van engines.  This full set consists of the following components: 1 - MBU1308 HEAD GASKET, 1 - GEG678 MANIFOLD GASKET, 1 - GEG402 ROCKER COVER GASKET, 1 - IA2149 THERMOSTAT HOUSING GASKET, 4 - 11B276 INJECTOR WASHERS, 4 - 12H219 HEATSHIELD WASHERS, 4 - 12H 220 INJECTOR NOZZLE WASHERS, 4 - 12B2104 INLET VALVE SEAL.   All items are also available seperately.  Fitted to: BMC 1800cc Engine Leyland 184, 235 & 302 Tractors Marshall 302 Tractors Thornycroft 108 Engine

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Leyland Tractor Parts - Cooling System.

More Leyland tractor parts added to the website this week especially for the cooling system.

Although there are now hundreds of parts listed on the website it really is only a fraction of the new, genuine and original parts that we have in stock.  To see what we have listed follow one of the links below. 

If you don't see what you're looking for give us a call: 01254854103 or email:


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Leyland 282 - Leyland 482 - Leyland 802 - Leyland 804 - Marshall 802 - Marshall 804 - Marshall 802XL - Marshall 804XL - Marshall 904XL Here's a small selection of the Turbo Exhaust and Air Cleaner parts that we've recently added.  There are many, many more . . . HKJ38 MANIFOLD, GHF202 NUT, 96K492 TURBO, 96K493 GASKET, 96K494 GASKET, 96K505 GASKET, 96K498 GASKET, CTJ8549 DECAL, 96K629 HOSE, 96K352 ELBOW, SH108301 BOLT, BH108221 BOLT, CTJ8105 TURBO PIPE, CTJ8106 EXHAUST CLIP, NTK241 RAIN CAP, NTK1470 SILENCER, 96K491 HOSE,  HKJ2215 RECONDITIONED TURBO, CTJ7963 LONG STUD, HKJ2241 OIL PIPE ASSEMBLY, CTJ8287 AIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY, BAU1895 AIR FILTER, ABU7364 VALVE, CTJ8286 HOSE, CTJ8118 INTAKE PIPE, CTJ8115 AIR HOSE, AKU1033 OIL FILTER. As always, we are only a phone call or email away. Contact us if you need more information.  

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*** We've added lots of new Nuffield Exhaust Parts this week *** All parts are in stock and available for same day despatch to all UK and Worldwide destinations   Ordering is simple, just call us or email us with your enquiry Nuffield Universals M3, M4, MV3, PM4, DM4,Nuffield Universal 3 (3DL), Nuffield Universal 4 (4DM), Nuffield 342, 460, 10/42, 10/60, 3/45, 4/65

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Leyland black Enamelled Silencer for Cabless and Standard Cab Leyland and Marshall tractors. NTK230 SILENCER.  **New Stock Arrived** For Leyland 344, 384 255, 270, 262, 272, 602, 604, 702, 704 tractors and Marshall 602, 604, 702, 704 tractors. For QM Cab tractors see NTK229. Fitted to: Leyland 344, 384, 255, 270, 262, 272, 602, 604, 702, 704 Marshall 602, 604, 702, 704

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Leyland and Marshall 302 hydraulic pump Fitted to: Leyland 184, 235 and 302 models Marshall 302 models.  

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New Leyland and Marshall Exhaust parts in stock!! CTJ6317 EXHAUST ELBOW.  Leyland and Marshall 90o Exhaust Elbow.   Fitted to Leyland 245 Synchro tractors and Leyland 502 tractors - where the exhaust elbow comes through bonnet side panel.   Also fitted to Marshall 502 tractors with Perkins D3 152 engine. Many more exhaust parts added this week!!

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