This week the website has been mostly about windscreen wiper parts for your Leyland tractor with Standard Cab.

Check out the list below, hopefully we will have just what you have been looking for!

CTJ208. WIPER WIRING HARNESS. Original British Leyland Wiring harness, Wiper Motor to Switch.
37H7738. WIPER WHEEL BOX. Genuine Lucas Wheel Box.
57H5090. WIPER RACK. Genuine British Leyland Spiral wound flexible cable rack.
ACU2746. WIPER ARM. Original British Leyland Wiper Arm, "Bright" or "Matt Black" finish (limited stock).
MBU1264. WIPER BLADE. Genuine Unipart 16" Chrome Wiper Blade.
83H458. WIPER SWITCH. Genuine Original Leyland Wiper Switch.
MBU1186. WIPER MOTOR. Genuine Lucas 12volt, 14 Watt, Wiper Motor.

Don't feel left out if you have a Leyland QM Cab tractor . . . . we'll be adding windscreen wiper parts for you next :)