Heavy Duty 13" Single Clutch Parts for Leyland Tractor & Skid Units

This Leyland Borg and Beck Heavy Duty 13” Single Clutch was fitted mainly to Leyland tractors produced for the export market, where Independant P.T.O. was not important. 

It was also fitted to specialist machines such as Coventry Climax fork trucksHymac diggersSkid units used for road rolling and tarmac laying and, from 1968 to 1977, to JCB diggers, 2B, 3C, 3D, 4D.

If you have any questions about removing the clutch on your Leyland tractor give us a call, our very experienced store men and mechanics are always happy to share their knowledge!  

We stock all parts for 13 inch Heavy duty clutch repair or replacement. 

Here’s a sample of the parts added to the website this week.

- 83H527R Reconditioned Clutch Cover

- 83H528 Ceramic Clutch Plate

- 83H1054 Thrust bearing Greaser

- CTJ8361 Thrust Bearing

- ATJ5046 Thrust Sleeve

- 13H2348 Thrust Bearing

- 17H6779 Adjusting Nut

- 37H3065 Adjusting Eyebolt

- 27H3264 Clutch Lever

- 17H8162 Anti-Rattle Spring

- 37H8067 Clutch Pressure Plate

- 37H7050 Thrust Ring

- 7H3255 Carbon Thrust Bearing

- 13H4818R Reconditioned Organic Clutch Plate

- BMK989R Clutch Cover Assembly.

Fitted to:

Nuffield 10/42, 10/60, 3/45, 4/65

Leyland 344, 384, 255, 270, 262, 272, 462, 472, 282, 482

JCB 2B, 3C, 3D, 4D

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