Assembly of the Belleville Washer Pack

Assembly of the Belleville Washer Pack Mechanism Instructions:

  1. Unlock and remove retaining nut to release the mechanism components.
  2. Withdraw the ‘O’ ring from the shaft. Examine the shaft, Belleville washers, spacer rings and ‘O’ ring for wear or damage and renew as necessary.
  3. Reassemble, installing the Belleville washers and limiting ring as shown


a)Smear the surface of the Belleville washers and limiting ring with grease.

b)Tighten the assembly to partially compress the Belleville washers, remove any excess grease.

c)Slacken the retaining nut, then re-tighten it until the end-float between the actuator and washer pack is just eliminated.

d)Tighten the retaining nut a further half turn to pre-load the washer pack (Belleville washer pack pre-load  - 0.030 inch (0.76 mm) maximum), then slacken the nut if necessary just enough to fit the split pin.  

Download printable instructions here  

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