Nuffield Fuel System Parts

It's all about Nuffield Fuel System parts at the moment.

Take a look at all the fuel system parts we've added to the website for your; 

Assembly of the Belleville Washer Pack

Assembly of the Belleville Washer Pack Mechanism Instructions:

  1. Unlock and remove retaining nut to release the mechanism components.
  2. Withdraw the ‘O’ ring from the shaft. Examine the shaft, Belleville washers, spacer rings and ‘O’ ring for wear or damage and renew as necessary.
  3. Reassemble, installing the Belleville washers and limiting ring as shown

Perkins D3-152 3 Cylinder Engine - Oil Filter Parts

If you have a Perkins D3.152 three cylinder engine in your tractor you'll be wanting engine oil filter parts.  

Take a look at parts just added to the website!

AHM2096/AJR4142 Oil Filter Gasket
AHM2095 "Step up" Filter Adaptor
AHM2097 Oil Filter Head 

Nuffield Fuel System Parts - What's new?

Quick look at the Nuffield fuel system parts that we have recently added to the website.

Fuel filters, filter heads, drain taps, water trap bowls, fuel pipes, banjo bolts and more.  

Take a look!  


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Reproduction Simms Fuel Filters now in Stock

Reproduction Simms fuel filter only £4.84.  For those of you who want to keep your Nuffield tractor looking original.

Made for Nuffield 342, Nuffield 460, Nuffield 10/42, Nuffield 10/60, Nuffield 3/45, Nuffield 4/65.

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