Reproduction Simms Fuel Filters now in Stock

Reproduction Simms fuel filter only £4.84.  For those of you who want to keep your Nuffield tractor looking original.

Made for Nuffield 342, Nuffield 460, Nuffield 10/42, Nuffield 10/60, Nuffield 3/45, Nuffield 4/65.

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What's Ups

Send your What's Ups or pictures of your problem parts to our works mobile. 07483 131324.

Only available for answering during our business hours.

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Nuffield Ploughing Lamp Kit £98.00

Complete Plough Lamp Kit for your Nuffield tractor; Nuffield 3DL, Nuffield 4DM, Nuffield 342 and Nuffield 460.

Priced at only £98.00 + VAT this Kit comes with all the following parts + nuts and bolts needed for assembly;

  • NT4233 Mounting bracket
  • NT3833 Pivot bracket
  • NT3834 Number plate bracket
  • NT3900 Number plateJ8278 Rear Floodlamp

All parts are in stock and available for same day dispatch.  Call our stores team on 01254 854103 or email


Originally designed for Leyland Tractors as a special fitment for use with the Borg & Beck 11” x 11” dual clutch fitted to Leyland 282 and Leyland 482 Loader tractors and Turbo tractors. 

It is an 11” diameter disc has five pairs of ceramic pads which are set at an angle and a spring cushioned drive centre hub with 1 1/8” diameter spline shaft.

This plate is also ideal for ‘Road Run’ tractors or ‘Show’ tractors as the ceramic pads are less likely than organic plates to stick to the flywheel if the tractor is stood for long periods.

Heavy Duty 13" Single Clutch Parts for Leyland Tractor & Skid Units

All parts in stock for 13 inch Heavy duty clutch repair or replacement. 

If you have any questions about removing the clutch on your Leyland tractor give us a call, our very experienced store men and mechanics are always happy to share their knowledge! 

The Leyland Borg and Beck Heavy Duty 13” Single Clutch was fitted mainly to Leyland tractors produced for the export market, where Independant P.T.O. was not important.  It was also fitted to specialist machines such as Coventry...

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