Heavy Duty 13" Single Clutch Parts for Leyland Tractor & Skid Units

All parts in stock for 13” Heavy duty clutch repair or replacement.    

If you have any questions about removing the clutch on your Leyland tractor give us a call, our very experienced store men and mechanics are always happy to share their knowledge! 

The Leyland Borg and Beck Heavy Duty 13” Single Clutch was fitted mainly to Leyland tractors produced for the export market, where Independant P.T.O. was not important.  It was also fitted to specialist machines such as Coventry...

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Are you looking to refresh or repair your dash panel on a Nuffield 10/42 or a Nuffield 10/60?  All these parts and more have been added to the website this week!   All parts are available from stock.

ATJ8515 DUAL OIL AND TEMPERATURE GAUGE £30.00 - ATJ8512 GENUINE SMITHS TACHOMETER CLOCK £126.58 -  ATJ8516 FRONT PANEL £52.00 - ATJ8517 CHROME FASCIA  £11.50 - PMZ408 PANEL SCREW £0.29 - BMK1094 IGNITION SWITCH £17.85 - 24G1345 KEY & BARREL £6.50 - 13H1694 SOCKET £37.83 - 37H2923 LIGHT SWITCH £15.16 - 27H3699 KNOB £6.23 - ATJ2068 PLATE £15.29 - ATJ3113 STOP CABLE...

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If you like to keep things looking original on your Nuffield tractor Implement then you will be interested in these badges.

When Nuffield tractors took off in the early 1950’s the Nuffield organisation marketed “approved” machines and implements and they would have a badge riveted to the machine printed with “

Nuffield and Leyland Tractor Hydraulic Trailer Tipping Kit

atj6772a-pipe-assemblyATJ6772A PIPE ASSEMBLY.

Genuine and Original Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Pipe Assembly Kit for Nuffield and Leyland tractors.

Made up from the following new, genuine and original Leyland parts which are also available seperately if required.

Photo shows kit fitted to Nuffield 4/65 (customers photo)

1 - ATJ6772 PIPE...

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If you’re looking for Leyland and Marshall two-wheel drive front axle parts check out the parts we’ve just added to the website. 

Most of the parts are genuine new ‘old stock’ British Leyland parts.

Featured in the photo you can see the following;

ATJ4318 Front Hub Assembly £79.90

ATJ4045 Wheel Stud £2.45

BTJ4023 Wheel Stud Nut £1.92

LN010051 Greaser £0.52

ATJ4273 Retaining Cup £11.40

ATJ4274 Distance Piece £38.50

2H4659 Oil Seal £4.00

GHB142 Inner Bearing...

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